It’s just the Chardonnay talking…

Let me preface this by saying…I hate(d) running. 

I’ve ALWAYS hated running.  I played volleyball all throughout school and would secretly loathe my PE teacher and coaches when lines were demanded or laps were a “cool down”.  I called bullshit then and am still mildly bitter when I remember back, even being on the latter side of my 10 reunion already.
Then a weird thing happened.

An aquaintance need a running buddy for a 5k.  With wine at the end.


Now before we pop the cork and head on down the road…let me also preface this with a stern disclaimer complete with what I would imagine my mom-face to look like (no chicklets yet!)…wine=tasty.

But with great adulting comes great responsibility.

A glass (or two…ok, or 2 1/2 😉 ) with dinner/reruns of Sex and the City=good, healthy wine relationship.  Passing out in the sprinklers on your back patio wearing a scrunchy from 1989…probably a warning sign.

So use your best judgement, this blog is meant to be dryly satirical (ha!) and all in good fun.  Most importantly though, it’s about enjoying the good things in life…great food, yummy wine, outdoorsy shinanigans, real relationships, entertaining mishaps…

…and running.

Happy trails,



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