The Friday Run.

Can I just be the first one to say it??


We all know it. That last part of your Friday where your work day becomes a real episode straight out of the X files, a time warp takes over the building & aliens kidnap you only to drop you into the middle of Punxsutawney, PA with Bill Murray and this creepy AF looking groundhog destined to repeat your Friday hell over and over again stuck at 4:45pm FOREVER?!??  

Wine-less of course…figures.  

And not even Mulder and Scully could save you from this one.

Luckily, even though this happens almost every Friday (for me anyways, which let’s face it…I may be weird) there are some saving graces.  

1. Once you’ve made it out of the vortex and escaped Bill & his pals from the encounters of the third kind… Monday doesn’t come for 2 WHOLE DAYS.

2. You can safely have 2+ glasses of wine without having to wake up before the snails to get to work the next morning.  (This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to, but dammit, I like knowing I can if I damn well please!) These wine glasses would be amazing for a Friday lounging on the patio!

3. The Friday Run.  This run is my favorite simply because it’s the most stress-free.  For 1 hour every Friday, the worry bugs in my ears manage to shut the hell up long enough to let me run in peace, enjoy the trees and smell some country air.  

If you’re anything like me, I’m growing more and more addicted to that feeling of being stress free, which probably explains my sudden and growing infatuation with running in the first place.  But there is a catch…being completely stress-free (even for short time) can be SO HARD.  

Because you know, adulting.  

Bills, work, relationships & just life in general is hard work and it goes faster than we would all like it to.  We don’t slow down to look around, we don’t sleep enough (guilty as charged!), we don’t do what is best for overselves so often that we forget that stress-free is HEALTHY and affects everything down the line.  

Some tips for making the most of The Friday Run…so listen up!

  • Turn your phone OFF.
  • Breathe, clear your head.
  • Wear something that’s comfy.
  • Surround yourself with Lavender to minimize stress.  Essential oils work well or other body products like soaps & deodorants.  Just try to stick to natural stuffs like herehere or here.
  • Eat a snack before you start, something moderate in protein and low sugar if possible.
  • Lay off the caffeine (as a barista…I feel your pain!) and stay hydrated with WATER.
  • Try not to multi-task, build a shopping list in your head or worry about how much laundry is waiting for you at home.  PUT. THE CAPE. DOWN. It’s just for a few minutes, promise.

    I swear, it only sounds hard…and like everything worth doing in life it takes some practice.  

    What helps you de-stress before, during or after YOUR Friday Run?  Happy weekend everyone!

    Happy Trails,



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