The Art of Eating.


I assume that most people love food or at least like it just a little, because it’s DELICIOUS (obviously), and it helps you, ya know…live and stuff. 

Which is helpful.

I have been a vegetarian for the last five years, which take it or leave it, has been one of the best changes I’ve ever made in my life.  Talk about a serious learning curve in the kitchen and some super exciting family dinners.  

As if that doesn’t complicate meal time enough, I live with a super adorable, but strict meat & potatoes deer hunter who thinks bacon and chicken each have their own food group.  So all of my upcoming recipes can definatly be altered to your specific dietary needs 😉  

(*See Tip #4 at the bottom!)

It used to take the willpower of Zeus to turn down the Pepperoni on my pizza. Skip the chicken in my Alfredo. Not have sausage with my pancakes.  Weirdly enough, I quickly found the whole “fake it til ya make it” concept applies to food too! 

When I started running daily, I want to make sure that I was not only eating the right things, but not OVER eating. For some reason my issue has always been eating too much after I work out because “I swam 5 extra laps” “ran 10 sets of lines” “ran an extra two miles”.  While my body needs more food to refuel & recover…it probably doesn’t need 3 helpings over every dish. And a bag of peanut m&ms.

Not everyone is perfect though, which leaves me to tip #1 on the art of eating.  

Tip #1: Fitness Apps

My Fitness Pal is hands down my favorite app when it comes to accountability.  It not only counts what you eat, but it will give a breakdown of nutritional value and readjust if I do run “2 extra miles” to keep me realistic.  Other perks, it syncs with a number of activity bands and rarely experiences bugs. 

Tip #2: Treat yo’ self.

Once or twice a week, eat what you want. Or have some m&ms. Or my personal fave: drink a glass of wine.  In my experience, deprevation is the quickest way to failure.  

And failure makes for sad pandas.  

Tip #3: Google that sh*t.

Because we are all delightfully diverse, not everyone can be a “Martha Stewart minus the felony in the kitchen”.  But there is help!  Find EASY and NON-SCARY recipes on the greatest invention since the wine bottle opener: 


Or my other favorite: PINTEREST.

Just start with this key search: “easy, clean recipes” and go from there!

Tip #4: Fuel or fluff?

Do you have a favorite dish? I’m pretty sure you do.  Is it fuel or fluff? Every dish I make, my goal is to make it as full of fuel as it can be.  An example:

Spaghetti: Sauce and noodles. 

Can you add chopped zucchini, carrots or celery to your sauce.  Add sliced almonds or pine nuts maybe?  Chickpeas? Cauliflower garlic bread instead?  Does your sauce have 5 ingredients or less?  No funny stuff?  Maybe change it out for pesto?  Blackened chicken?  There are only about 101 million ways to MAKE zoodles

IT’S YOUR MEAL. Make it your own.

Simple can be tasty. 

What are your favorite ways to stay accountable?

Happy Trails,



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