The Hulk.

He’s mean, he’s green AND he smashes.

What could possibly be cooler than that?! Smashing sh*t for fun?! With no angry person trying to chase you down afterwards? Throwing things?? (I mean, whose gonna be nuts enough to chase THE HULK? A crazy person that’s who.)

Talk about green with envy. (Haha!)

So you’re wondering where I’m going yet?  Well here’s my big confession: 


Because of this ailment, practically everything in my life can be paralleled with SOMETHING nerdy.  Example A listed below I sent to my bf not even a week ago: 

Point proven. 

And clearly true love ❤ 😀

Today I’m focused on the Hulk because that’s exactly how I was feeling about an hour ago.  As I sludged out the door into 87 degree heat with a full hydration pack, I was definately fighting a lack of motivation and a bit more angry than normal (82 DEGREES guys, have I mentioned I’m a big baby?).  Add that to some pretty bad shin pain I’ve been fighting the last couple days, I was running EXACTLY like a 3 story tall, green, angry superhero.  A really clumsy superhero.  

Fast forward 40 minutes later:  the battle is completed, I have enough ice on my legs to save the world from global warming and I’m feeling a helluva lot less grumpy. 

The cool thing about the Hulk is in end, he always comes back down to earth 🙂  

Oh, and live long and prosper. 😉


Happy Trails,



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