Meditation for the Impatient 

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Which means…in less than 24 hours, it will be Friday! I can tell that I’m adulting super hard this week because I am REALLY excited to sleep in on Saturday (at least until 6:30a lol).

My exciting week so far…

  • The thermostat in my car went ka-poot (sp?) (luckily my bf is handy) 
  • I started a Diet Bet with some friends from high school (first time! we’ll see if it actually yields some cash money…)
  • Made it to 5 miles for the 1st time! (woooo! AND DIDN’T EVEN DIE!) 
  • Prepping for a Farmers Market Sunday (my mom owns an artisan cheese company).

Thursdays are always a good reflection day, especially if you are mentally trying to prepare for an upcoming active weekend or simply find your center again after a hellish work week.  

Although I am a fair-weather meditator (mayyyybe once a week if I’m lucky), I’m starting to find that having a calm mental center is just as important as actually running itself.  Especially for a natural worrier like myself. 

My newest find in the WWA (Wide World of Apps, fyi I’m an app junkie! More on that later…) is an app called ‘Headspace‘.  It’s a multi-sessioned meditation exercise mapped out for you.  It’s super clean & well created, the program itself isn’t overly pushy and the guy leading it has a very sexy British accent (bonus!) 🙂 

It’s focus is to take a 10 minute break from your day and calm your mind anywhere you may be…and try to create happier, healthier people. 

Pretty good goal don’t you think?

Yeah, me too.  

Happy almost Friday & Happy Trails,



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