So today is Saturday…and Saturday happens to be my most common day to take a day off from running simply because we are usually busy doing stuff (laundry for daysssss lol).  

Today is no exception!

After my tire snafoo (snafu…snaffew…? Whateves.) yesterday, my BF is sitting at Les Schwab as we speak getting my poor tire fixed, I have super boring adulting stuff to do…but then we have tickets to a Country music Concert Cruise on one of our local lakes!  


We are always SO BUSY. My BF and I both work full-time jobs, both have full-time hobbies on the side, both manage our “homestead” (I hope we’re getting close to having enough firewood because we are running out of room to store it), and have 3 attention-sucking, off-their-rocker, obscenely fluffy dogs that think they’re our children and shed wherever they damn well please (I vacuum ALOT).  We’re both really tired when the day is over.  We really like our jobs and love our life together, but have to really remember that taking breaks is part of it!!! 

Whether it’s in training or in just a weekend off from the craziness remember this: If you don’t take a break, you won’t ever allow your body and mind to heal or refresh! 

Sit and savor your morning java!

Catch some extra Zs!

Go to a movie!

Wander around a farmers market!

Throw on you cowgirl boots and go to a show! 😀

Happy Weekend Everyone & Happy Trails!



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