Coffee for Daysssss

Every week starts a little like this:

I will not drink my weight in coffee. 

I will not drink my weight in coffee.

I will not drink my weight in coffee.

Then Friday comes.  

(or Monday…Wednesday…Thursday, Any day that end’s in “Y” really)

Plan foiled, disappoint sets in.  

Then pure joy. Because..  uh it’s coffee!(2nd only to wine 😉 )


Here in Eastern Washington (the actual state) it’s FINALLY gotten into warmer weather (85°+), considerably later compared to previous years.  

As a result, the amount of water I was drinking (which probably wasn’t enough to start with either), is no longer cutting the cake.  ESPECIALLY when you are a runner RUNNING in 85°+ temperatures, it’s extra vital.  For the bonus round, I’m a barista by day (coffee coffee coffee), superhero by night, so that doesn’t help my H20 cause much either.  

Time to whip out my secret weapon!

*wham!*   *bam!*   *crash!*


Hahahaha or maybe not…

So true to my app junkie self, I rallied the forces and brought in help.  My biggest problem is trying to chug all my water at night which of course means I’m up 50 billion times at night.  I found Hydro Coach (which pairs with Google Fit, but anyone can use it) to start my routine.

Hydro Coach takes into account your age, weight, how active you are and sleep patterns, then gives a personalized recommendation on how much H20 your body actually requires.  Then, sends notifications on when you should be drinking a portion of your amount.  I find too many notifications are a little disruptive during certain times of the day (like work), so luckily you can set the alarms up yourself based on your needs.

My second issue is boredom.  Water, though essential, for me grows into a tedious task of epic blandness.  This is where creativity sets in! 

Add some strawberries! Blueberries! Lemon, cucumber or orange slices!  Fresh mint WITH cucumber is my personal fav ❤ 

Whatever you do, don’t fall into the sugar trap! Many of the flavored waters are loaded up with added sugar and yucky chemicals like asparteme.

Basic is BETTER!

Water is so essential especially as runners and in our hot summer months, make sure you’re getting enough!  

Happy Trails!



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