Where there’s Smoke…

Well, if anything puts a damper on a daily running habit, it’s smoke. 


I was born and raised in beautiful Mid/Eastern Washington State and while we don’t have tornados or floods, we have a ridiculous amount of forest fires (routinely rivaling California).  

Mostly are the fault of lightening strikes, but there are a billion other ways that they seem to get up and go EVERY YEAR.  Last year was so bad, the clean air advisory board put out an air warning recommending the entire population to stay inside to maintain wellness.  

This year unfortunately, since yesterday anyways, is no different.  We are back to being anxious of people being hurt, property being lost, our beautiful hiking grounds being burned to the ground.  And as if being surrounded by a giant, leeching cloud of smoke isn’t uncomfortable enough, everything smells like you rolled around in a campfire for an entire weekend.  

Even while everyone is constantly on edge, I’m still in awe that year after year during the usual evacuations guest bedrooms, meals, extra horse stalls for animals, anything and everything is offered.  Anything to help out and make such a worried time if even a thread easier.



Which makes living in the EWA completely worth it.

So while I typically reserve my treadmill strictly for “snow on the ground” type situations, it looks like I’ll be dusting early and hoping/praying for the safety of everyone in our little corner of the world.  

Happy Trails,



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