Confessions of a Cookbook Hoarder

My poor BF.

We met 2 years ago and dated for a year before we decided to move into together.  So we moved into his small house while we looked for another during which he found out one of my darkest secrets. One that unfortunately & inevitably reveals itself during every move I’ve made. 

I have about a million cookbooks. 

Actually books in general, but the majority seem to be of the food preparation variety (especially cupcakes!).  AND as if that’s not bad enough, probably 90% of them are beautifully illustrated, hardcover books that only weigh about 100 lbs each.  


Which means when I packed my apartment (unsupervised) to move in with him, I carefully placed each beautiful one (like 20) into a single very organized (very big) box conveniently labeled “Books”. 

I was on my packing game!  😀 

I bet you can figure out the end of this story when said box had to actually be moved…like I said before, my poor BF.

When we moved into our current house, I was a little more careful. It wasn’t quite as painful, but still no picnic.

I know you’re not suppose to pick favorites, but it’s hard not to when it comes to my recipe sidekicks.  I’ve even managed to narrow the running to four in particular that should grace the counter of ever kitchen 🙂

*I think I forgot to mention earlier, but I was vegan for a number of years, only to be swayed when my mom started her own artisan 100% grass-fed organic cheese company.  I still don’t eat dairy very often and never meat…but because I ate that way for so long it’s ingrained…making most (but not all) of my cookbooks of the vegan persuasion.  

If you are a meat eater (my BF! so I do this all the time!), these recipes can easily be altered! Don’t be afraid to be creative in the kitchen! Add or take away…nothing is set in stone!

Bake and Destroy; Natalie Slater 

Natalie Slater is the one-of-a-kind pin-up cupcake queen of the vegan world.  Her cookbook is a fun mash up of WWE references, doodles and other bad a** stuff.  Most of her book has been kid tested/kid approved because she is a busy mom too! 

The Kind Diet; Alicia Silverstone

Everyone knows Batgirl…and she has become a vegan/activist/mom/cookbook writer with AMAZING recipes!  The thing I liked about this one is it reads like a novel almost, very informative and lots of interesting details, side stories and of course, good eats! 

Plum; Makini Howell

Plum is actually the recipes from the kitchen of the Plum Bistro in Seattle, WA.  I got lucky enough to visit the last time I was in town and woweee-wow.  They have a to-die-for macaroni & cheese among other delishows options.  Sweet, savory, you name it…they have something tasty for you to whip up in your own kitchen! 

Vegan with a Vengeance; Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Isa Chandra Moskowitz is the master chef of the vegan world with ‘Vegan with a Vengeance’ on a long list of cookbooks she’s written over the last 10 years.  She’s more currently opened and running the restaurant ‘Modern Love’ soon to have it’s second location.  Her recipes are my favorite because they are customizable, easy, delicious and you can easily cook for the whole fam without wanting to pull your hair out.   

Any cookbooks you’re in love with??  I’d love to try them! Let me know!

Happy Trails,



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