All aboard the Thursday Struggle Bus!

Congrats you made it! 

…to Thursday.

Thursdays has always been my 2nd least favorite day of the week after Tuesdays (which we will discuss at a future venue), for a few reasons:

  1. You know Friday is coming, so you have to play catch up on all the things you’ve been avoiding or have been too busy to do on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
  2. Much like the theory of the Alien/Bill Murray ran parallel universe that swallows 5pm on Fridays (as discussed in ‘The Friday Run’), Thursday seems to go on…Forrrrevvverr.
  3. Thursday is not Friday (that one may be obvious…)
  4. All my motivation screeches to an abrupt halt.

    How do you maintain on track towards that beautiful day they call Friday in the most productive manner possible??? 

    Here are a few things that have worked for me and may work for you too!!!

    • Cat Nap! I am defiantly a dog person, but a good cat nap is something I can whole heartedly get behind! 15-20 minutes with some zzzzzz’s will help you finish the day strong! 
    • Yoga!  No need to be a master yogi to spend 20 minutes stretching it out with some basic, mind clearing poses.  The one below from Popsugar is a good start…modified anyways you like! (If I’m in a hurry, I usually choose 5!) 
    • A solid snack choice! Say that 10x fast 😉 Especially when I’m feeling my motivation start to fade…a good snack is always helps me re-fuel and march on.  A handful of almonds or a small apple are a good go-to.  Whatever you do, ignore the candy bars, chips or other junk!  It will add to your problems!
    • Shotgun run! If you just can’t get in the mood to go for a long run, make it a sprint day! Lace up and run like hell for a mile.  Trust me, you’ll feel better than no run at all 🙂 

    Happy Thursday Everyone!!!  You can do it!  I have faith in you!!! 🙂

    Happy Trails,



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