‚ÄčA cheetah lurks in the shadows watching…waiting for the unsuspecting puma to become distracted.  Sleek and stealthy, it only takes a few moments….

…to hop on Amazon and quickly become COMPLETELY consumed/overwhelmed with the (let’s be honest) ridiculous quantity of fitness bands, watches and GPS/heart monitoring capable gadgets available on the www.   

Over the last couple of months, I have outgrown my standard fitness band that’s currently tracking distance…but not well.  I need to invest in something with a little more insight, especially geared towards runner’s training.  

Seriously though, I’ve been doing my research and it’s  become blaringly apparent that I’m far, far from my galaxy… (and Kansas).  Therefore, I am in need of some BIG TIME advice from peeps that actually have experience with using gadgets geared toward training in running!

My only requirements:

  • Must be a least water resistant…If I wear it to work, I only wash my hands approximately 5 BILLION times a day…don’t want to risk ruin in my investment. :/
  • Has a battery life of AT LEAST 8 hours.

I’ve talked to a few of you, thank you so much for your input so far, I cant even tell you how helpful it has been!!!

I’d love to hear more…pros/cons/suggestions….thank you in advance!


Happy Trails,



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