Cheese Maker’s Daughter

Over four long years ago, I was writing freelance pieces quite a bit when I started writing my first blog “The Happy Insomniac”.  I came across a stack of old posts while looking for one specific piece I’d written about my parents when they STARTED their cheese company!


Looking back at my 24 year old blogger self was extremely entertaining to say the least.  While I choose to blog about different things these days, I still see myself in them, just now they are a little more…um, sophisticated?   (lol) 🙂

My parents officially started “Laurel’s Crown Artisan Cheese Company” almost 3 years ago (after many, many years of practice) and have been rockin it ever since!  I took the weekend to partake in festivites in my hometown.  This weekend was a fancy schmancy Annual Wine & Food Festival passing out cheese samples to the masses….which is why I was offline for most of the weekend.   

My mom and her cheese

With an exception of the GIANT migraine that came over me (a joy in my life time to time), we had a great time!  Nothing beats a whole night of wine sampling….but food AND wine and you’ve got yourself a party! 

Be sure YOU remember to get a little R&R!  You won’t regret it, especially when we make it back around to the Monday grind (happens every week, so weird…).

Happy Monday & Happy Trails!


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