App Junkie: Vivino Wine Scanner

Happy Saturday!!!

It has been a zoo the last 2 weeks and I spent any spare second I could catching some extra zzz!  

BUT…when I left for work yesterday at 5am, it hit me…43 degrees,  slight drizzle, no sun beginning to light up the sky behind the mountains…IT’S FALL!!  

I’m never sure I’m ready.  But alas, I love fall clothing options, so I’m all good 🙂 

AND I found a new app!!!

Just in case didn’t know this about me quite yet…


I don’t mean to be a nerd, but for some reason I can’t seem to help it…probably too many video games in college.  This one is super awesome though and wine oriented of course 🙂 

Vivino Wine Scanner

Rating: 4.3 ☆

  1. Download Vivino app!
  2. Scan away!  
  3. No bottle? Use their handy search page instead!  Select by red, white, pricing etc.
  4. Follow their feed of handy tips on chosing a wine, top wines per state, best wines under 50 and many others!!  

It’s a Labor day weekend people, time for some R&R! 

Happy Trails!



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