Fall has officially arrived!

Saturday, we went out to our friend’s house for our annual Labor Day shebang…which may or may not have included a variety of things:

  • Our wonderful friends 🙂
  • Keystone (…the classiest of all the beers 😉
  • Tons-O-BBQ/amazing food in general
  • Yard games! (you really haven’t lived until you’ve played horseshoes with people who are slightly intoxicated 🙂

Long story short, we had a blast.  But, this annual event also marks the OFFICIAL start of the Fall season.  Typically it’s because this is the first get-together that everyone comes prepared with sweatshirts, blankets and boots.

And OF COURSE the burn ban is always still in place, so we all generally freeze.

…because Washington, yo.  

I thought I had more time, but no…my runs have officially become FALL runs :/  On the brightside, I’m no longer melting during my long runs or rapidly dehydrating on my mile sprint days.  

So there’s that bright sparkly silver lining. 

Things to remember as the days get shorter, darker and cooler…

  1. Wear bright colors, all the better to see you as it becomes darker earlier. 
  2. Remember your water! Just because it cools down, doesn’t mean your body requires less water…it’s just less apparent. 
  3. Always dress in layers!  You may need a jacket when you leave, but you could seriously regret it 30 minutes later.  

    Happy Fall y’all!!  Time to bust out the pumpkin, scarves & sweaters!  

    Happy Trails!



      3 thoughts on “Fall has officially arrived!

      1. atkokosplace says:

        Your tips are spot on! Especially to dress in layers! Here where I am, that is totally the case. Hot one second, cold, sometimes rainy, then the humidity hits you! Hahahaha….drinking water is a constant, and wearing bright colors is just FUN! 🙂

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