“ONE slice of cake…”

I never thought of having an actual mantra before…or at least not one I put effort into.

Usually while I’m running, I’m not re-affirming my wellness or warding off negativity, but more likely trying to remember all the words to ‘Lose Yourself’, so Eminem isn’t rappin’ alone.

Simultaneously watching for cars of course…y’know…so I don’t look like an idiot.



I have a limited selection, but 9 times of of 10, I usually go to my fallback “mantras”throughout the day:

“Only one slice of cake, you will only eat one slice of cake. ONE. SLICE. OF CAKE.  One dammit!”

“Wine at home.  Wine at home.  If you can just run back home…Wine at home!”

“Only one more mile, then you can die.  You don’t even have to take off your running shoes! Only one more mile! One more mile!”

(That one is usually coupled with “you will not call the bf to drive you back the remaining mile”) 🙂

I actually Googled the true definition of a “mantra” today because it’s been popping up a lot in the blogs I’ve been following and I was curious to know more…since I’m pretty sure “wine at home” is not very scientific…

Here’s what it said:

Ok, my wine mantra may be helpful (unsophisticated, but helpful), however mantras are meant to be so much more…meditational.  

They are amazing when it comes clearing your mind, helping with healing, stress, depression and bringing yourself back into a centered state of being and calmness.  There are a number of common prayer mantras, since mantras are also linked to and frequently practiced in several spiritual religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. 

My favorite one I came across was the Buddhist mantra:

Om Ami Dewa Hrih

It’s meant to be said over and over as a calming chant, this specific one said with the purpose to overcome obstacles that may stand in your way and emhance your compassionate and loving nature in the process.  I found this article quite interesting, Benefits of Mantra Meditation, worth a read! 🙂

Alas, I have not found one that I am happy with yet…so now I’m on the hunt for a mantra of my very own.  Stayed tuned!

Happy Trails,



4 thoughts on ““ONE slice of cake…”

  1. Amanda Lea says:

    My mantra is this “Running is not a punishment for what you ate, it is a celebration of what your body can do. Wine and burritos are a vital part of any celebration.”

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