Hopefully a Life Lesson Learned.

First off, happy Tuesday!!!  In my opinion, the most pointless day of the week (not at the beginning, middle or end….POINTLESS), but I will try to stay on the optimistic, happy face,  wine glass all full kinda day.

(because lets face it, a half full wine glass isn’t optimistic AT ALL)

(Actually quite depressing, let’s not even joke)


Last night, I made a very, very big mistake.  

First mistake: I decided a SQUAT challenge sounded like a good idea.  I’m trying super hard to put some cross training in with my daily running habit.  Potentially be a little stronger, a little better.  It’s not really my favorite thing to do.  I’d rather just run and be over it, but getting in shape cannot live on running alone.  

Or at least I’ve been told. 

Mistake Part 2:  50 squats later (I haven’t done one in AGES), I decided to try and run 5 miles anyways. Those who follow me on Instagram have already heard me say this, but this is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve done all year.  I got a mile down the road and knew I was in trouble, I actually did some walking after I decided it was walk or face plant on the ground due to jello-legs.  So I still ended up walk/running 2 miles anyways.  Not too shabby…still counts as a win?
All in all, I’m surprised how good my legs actually feel today…so I think I’ll keep going.

But, after my runs from now on.  

If you want to see my 30 day challenge (and maybe start your own), this is it (found on Pinterest, so handy!):

Good Luck & Happy Trails!



One thought on “Hopefully a Life Lesson Learned.

  1. stubbsyblog says:

    You’ll have to keep us updated how that goes! I’ve read lots of articles from runners and running magazines about the benefits of core exercises outside of running including things such as squats, and I keep meaning to do so! But got put off after over doing the squats (my fault, too much too soon!) and was unable to run for 3 days because of major DOMS!

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