Crosstrain Update: Day 4

Happy Thursday everyone!! 

I don’t know about everyone else, but my week has flown into Star Wars speed hyper drive and I’m not sure where most of it went to!!!  It’s been an interesting one to say the least! My car is in the shop so I’ve been carpooling my BF to work at 5am before I head into town for work at 630. So I’m up around 4.

4am is very early. 

This weekend is going to be our first unplanned weekend for about 2 months, so I’m looking forward to some R&R.  I’m actually kind of excited about it!!  Then the countdown starts for the Happy Girl run next Saturday, my first trail run EVER! Yay!!  Any tips, I would be ever so grateful. 
So to the point!!! 

Monday, I started my squat challenge part of my crosstrain mission to help potentially make my runs more productive.  

Holy Ouch, Batman.  

Actually, I would compare my post-work out self to a very slow turtle (a very tall turtle…I’m almost 6ft tall) that throws a tantrum every time it spots a flight of stairs.  

I was impressed because I actually could move Tuesday, but it was not a happy moving.  So the first thing I did was STRETCHING and some light yoga.  This is very important!  Your muscles are sore and they are angry, but all they want is some TLC.  Stretching and a hot shower are generally my remedies of choice and no question, they worked like a charm.  After my mini yoga sesh, I managed to run almost 3 miles despite the soreness of my legs, which helped stretch out my muscles even further. 

Wednesdays are always my rest days and I cannot lie, I was kind of grateful.  Even though I took my normal day off, I still stretched quite a bit and focused of hydration and refueling.  PROTEIN helps your muscles rebuild as they heal, so skipping this isn’t an option.  Being a vegetarian, the infamous “protein question” always comes about, but here are some options:

All pretty tasty choices!!!  

More to come 🙂
Happy almost Friday!!!
Happy Trails,



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