Frog in the Woodpile

Happy Sunday Friends!!!  😀

^^^Our rainstorms yesterday!!

Since the cats and dogs failed to subside last night, my bestie and I actually went to the movie theatre (I never do that anymore!) and saw “The Disappointments Room”.  


Not like being chased Mike Meyers scary, but like actually based on historical records of things that were common practice scary.  

Which is so way worse…Guess I’ll just buy some extra light bulbs. 


The countdown has commenced for my next 5k, the Happy Girl Trail run next Sunday!!!  I’m super excited since part of my run everyday is in preparation for the trail! 

I may have not mentioned, or only briefly mentioned that I am in a relationship with Bear Grylls’ long lost twin cousin once removed (jk).  My bf is a huge outdoors guy, so as a result…we live in the middle of the woods with an assortment of lovely creatures.  

Exhibit A:

Luckily, all our lovely creatures scare easily and run off (Exhibit A was a fluke)…all except the misquitos.  I wish I could scare those damn things off.

On the bright side of country life, I can run everyday in preparation for a trail run.  Our driveway is a quarter mile long dirt road (uphill at rhe beginning!) and we are surrounded by 40 acres of forest. Today will be a short run, but tomorrow is long and Tuesday will be sprints!!! 🙂

On the dark side….well, it’s REALLY dark at night.  So I just stay inside so the pumas don’t get me.  Fall is coming so it’s getting darker earlier and I’m a little sad about that.  I’ve been running earlier and earlier so that I’m not finishing my run at dusk.

Countdown to Happy Girl: 7 days!!!!!

Today’s homestead frog is named: Steamboat Charlie 

We cannot find him yet because he’s living somewhere in our wood pile, but he is VERY loud.

Happy Trails,



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