Fall is here!



This week has kicked my butt.  But, saving grace, I have the 5k Happy Girl trail run tomorrow with my lovely friend Bri!!!  So yay excited!! 😀

Unfortunately I’m so behind this week I haven’t barely had time for meals and sleep, let alone writing, dishes, folding laundry…so please no one show up un-announced to my house.

…at least call first so I can pretend like I was “just cleaning up!” when I answer the door with a broom & glass of wine in hand.  

K,  Thanks 🙂

So other than excitement for race day, summer came to prompt end yesterday! This means of course it also officially marked the first day of Fall!!  

Did I post my annual collection of Pumpkin spice pictures of “pug-kin lattes” and digusting Pumpkin spice food items??


 How about jokes about people tripping into fall??  Or making like a tree and “leaf”??? (hah! snuck that right in there)


So I have failed.  

So here ya go…my attempt at redeeming myself…and Thank you Google for the help! 

P.S. Don’t judge me, I love pumpkin too, but limits are legit!! 

Happy Fall y’all! 🙂

And my personal fav…the Pumpkin Spice Girls!! Go for 1996 🙂

Happy Trails,



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