Recap: Happy Girl Trail Run

It has been exactly 1 week today since I ran the Happy Girl Trail Run!  I have to say right off the bat…


As many of you probably know from previous blogging musings, I’m still VERY green to the world of racing.  So this was only my 2nd 5k…

…like EVER.  

But don’t let my ominous tone fool you, I had a blast!!! I got to run with my friend Brie, who is one of the MOST fun people to be around and I had a giant learning experience when it comes to one, little (well, big, ranging mountianous) thing…


I was not prepared.  At all.  If there had been a golf cart lying around, I shamefully would’ve jumped on that thing faster than I can track down a Snickers bar anywhere in my house. 

These were not little hiccups in the road like I’m used to in my daily country jaunts, but REAL HILLS.  Hill #1 was fun, #2 was exhausting and I was SSSLLLLLOOOWWW, #3 was making me cranky, and by #4…I had to walk. 


I still can’t go over that detail without being still a little grumpy.  I can’t even tell you how mad I was.  My body just wasn’t having it.  I run EVERYDAY!  Long distances! And I can’t even make 3.1 miles because of some freakin hills????  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

I’ve been mulling this for a week and have decided to throw this into the experience bank.  Despite the hills (lol), the run was amazing.  It was beautiful, I love being on a trail because it feels like I’m running at home…and Washington is still one of the most beautiful states.  

Overall, I finished in 41.25.40.

I considered it a win, Brie and I are planning for the 10k next year…and I will DEFINATELY be adding hills to my workout 😉
Happy Trails!



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