Oh my word…October ALREADY??!?

I can’t keep up!  The weather is changing, we had our first fireplace fire yesterday…I’m picking out Christmas card templates for our yearly card for Pete’s sake!!  I’ve officially moved to my treadmill, I think for the winter, which depresses me.  
I hate the treadmill.
It’s flat, boring and tedious.  The time never goes the same way…I never feel quite as good after.  I love the trees, but hate the cold.  So…what’s a girl to do? 

For the time being however, I just downloaded this new app that I’m excited to bust out on my next run: The Under Armour Map My Run.  And I’m prepping for my next run (a Halloween run!)…the Monster Mash on the 30th. 
So I need a costume!!  
I’m excited for this one because takes place in one of our cities most stunning parks, complete with ducks, roses and a Japanese gardens.  I used to live nearby when I was living the whole “single in the city” life and it was one of my favorite places to go.  It’s a beautiful place to run!

On a completely separate note, I need tips for running in the cold!!!  What’s your best tricks of the trade?
Happy Friday & Happy Trails,



7 thoughts on “FRIDAYYYY!!!!

  1. danaelizabethx says:

    Love costume runs!! Have fun! I hate when I am breathing in cold air- ok more like sucking it in- LOL so I always have to wear a buff or something to cover my nose- and something to cover my ears- hate when they get cold too! LOL

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