App Junkie: Map My Run

Happy Tuesday everyone!!  

I have once again kicked the treadmill to the curb…I hate it, I hate it!!!  I decided, what’s a little frostbite anyways?  Besides, it’s a nice chilly 52 degrees outside!

Do you want to build a snowman? 😀

I’ve had pretty 50/50 luck with tracking apps so far.  I’m DYING to buy a runners watch (got my eye on a pretty pricey Garmin 😉 ), but as with everything else, an investment must be save for.  Boo.  

SO…Until that day comes, I downloaded the newest of my curiosities, the Under Armour Sponsored Running app: Map My Run.  

And I have to say…Bra. Vo! 

Of all the running apps I’ve tested so far, this one BY FAR exceeds the others.  

Visually, it looks a lot like the MyFitness App (I’m thinking Under Armour planned it that way lol) and since it is linked to the GPS in your phone…voila! 


It works similarly to a Garmin, you start your work out and click/hold to end your workout.  Then it maps your jaunt on Google Maps and gives you the stats including estimated calories burned, elevation numbers, distance ran and average pace.  

You can choose to save your workouts and “journal” them to track you progress, however it saves a condensed summary of your run.  

The only problem I can forsee is my battery life to my cell phone itself.  With all the data and such these days, having the Location activated on my phone does some serious battery life damage.  One of these long run days I may just have to test those limits!! 🙂 

Hope everyone is having a good day and prepping for a weekly ritual: Wine Wednesday!!!!  Which arrives tomorrow for those counting 😉
Happy Trails,


9 thoughts on “App Junkie: Map My Run

  1. Amanda Lea says:

    I love map my run for training because of its accuracy and the way it breaks down splits and elevation and other details. What I don’t like is having to remember to stop and start it and that I can’t have a run walk combo setting. I usually walk a mile before and after I start running, I don’t exactly what that to count against my time for my run but I also don’t want to log it as three separate workouts. But I do still want it counted! So I use Moves in the background all day as a pedometer. It starts when you start moving and can tell when you’re running vs walking vs cycling. It’s not quite as accurate as map my run but for an all day tracker I still recommend it.

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    • Runlikethereswinewaiting says:

      That is a downside 😦 And I’ve totally done it too when I come through the door and my dogs are happy…I get distracted :/ I had moves downloaded but it wasn’t giving me anywhere what I had actually done…I did a comparison and at one point it was off by almost 1/2 a mile 😦 I can’t wait to get a watch, I also can’t keep my phone on me at work…so that throws a crimp in things.


  2. Doug Irby says:

    Yeah, Map My Run is one that I have used and liked. Another benefit of it is that you can go onto their website and share your map and see other people’s maps too. That’s pretty handy when you travel and want to find a place to run for a specific distance. I used it on a trip to California once because, like you, I hate dreadmills. Especially, stinky, stuffy, hot hotel dreadmills.

    Also saving for a Garmin but shhhh, my wife doesn’t know how much they really cost.

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  3. stubbsyblog says:

    Have you checked out Ebay? I realise Ebay is always a bit risky as you don’t have the same kind of protection or warranty as you would if you bought it from a retailer direct, but I recently managed to win a Suunto Ambit HR Sapphire, brand new but well below retail price and I love it! As with top range running watches like the Garmin Fenix you can choose different activities you are going to do, press start and away you go. And unlike phone apps, the watch manages to keep its charge for a long time and you can then sync it up with your phone to download the data. It probably doesn’t come across as exciting as a phone app, but then you can set up a strava account and sync your results onto there so it makes it more exciting! Hope you find either the app of your choice or are able to invest in a watch not too expensive! Happy running!


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